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Flipper Zero on TicTok

I've heard of these devices before. The ability to bypass RFID systems has been around for a while. Now though, it seems as though it has gone viral on Tic Tok.

Just a heads up to all of your schools that use electronic swipe, there is now a device being thrown around Tic Tok which shows people (and kids) using this device to bypass electronic access.

Check out the below video and article.

As always, be safe.

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Very easy to use tool, but still a high price of entry ($350-$400). The same type of attacks via RFID cloning or emulation have been possible with a Proxmark for many years. The Proxmark is just not as user friendly and relies on Linux familiarity.

Also, on the theme of access control, are rex (request to exit) sensors. They are the sensors on the inside above an entry/exit door, that sense the presence of a person and unlock a door secured by a mag lock (the big electro magnet, usually at the top of a door. On many of these, a quick burst from a can of compressed air (keyboard cleaner), with the straw through the door, will trip the…


How does this interact with access control system that require a scan and a keycode to enter the building.

Replying to

It can emulate a key code if it doesnt use rolling security so like an old device, the combo scanners if they can get a card they can basically scan it and emulate it. Same with key fobs


The thing with the flipper it has made it way more affordable, and one stop shopping, as well as concealable. It is a really powerful too. There are a lot of nefarious things that can be done. I literally just sent out an advisory 20 minutes ago on this!

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