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13-15 Violent JO Felony

"Juvenile Offender"

(Youth Part of County Court)

A child who is 13, 14, or 15-years-old and is charged with committing a serious or violent felony offense listed in Penal Law 10.00 (18)

Appearance Ticket

  1. Contact Parents

  2. Fingerprint the Juvenile in a adult segregated area.

  3. Issue a Juvenile Offender appearance ticket.

  4. Issue the JO appearance ticket for the Youth Part of County Court.

  5. File the Felony Complaint with "Juvenile Offender" printed on the top.


  1. Fingerprint the Juvenile in an adult segregated area.

  2. Make every reasonable effort to contact the JO's parents to attend arraignment.

  3. File a Felony Complaint with "Juvenile Offender" printed on the top.

  4. Contact a Youth Part of County Court Judge for arraignment.'

  5. Ensure the County Attorney and Public Defender's office have been notified.

  6. If an JO is remanded to detention, securing order must be obtained from Judge.

  7. Copies of paperwork must be given to defendant, defense, DA, and parents.

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