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Who we are

After feedback from School Resource Officers throughout the state, The New York State Sheriffs' Association identified a need to provide contemporary, up to date training for New York State school safety personnel.  Out of this need, a committee was formed to develop training, and provide a networking hub for all school policing and safety issues. Thus, the Committee on Policing and Safeguarding Schools (C-PASS) was born. 

This committee is well equipped to tackle all aspects of school policing as it is made up of command staff, supervisors, and school resource officers currently working in NYS schools.

What we do

The Committee on Policing and Safeguarding Schools (C-PASS) understands that protecting students is an ever changing task and one of the upmost importance.  The committee constantly strives to identify new issues and develop training to meet those needs faced not only by school resources officers but all those involved in the school community.  


Since the committee is not bound by a single state agency, or under any state mandate, C-PASS can be flexible and swift in tackling new school issues.  We have been successful thus far in all of our endeavors by understanding the importance of collaboration, because in the end we are always BETTER TOGETHER.

Meet The Executive Team


Undersheriff John Mcnelis

  • Committee Chairman


Peter Kehoe

  • Executive Director

  • New York State Sheriffs' Association


Deputy Jonathan Becker

Program Director


Deputy Robert Holt

Director of Networking


Charles Gallo

NYSSA Deputy Executive Director


Officer Sean Armstrong

Director of Membership


SRO picture_edited.jpg

Officer Michelle Arreola

Resource Consultant

Screenshot 2022-08-13 9.06.29 PM.png

Will Whitty

Educator's Consultant


Tim Thomas

Emergency Services Consultant


Daina Sisk

DASA Consultant


Deputy Jonathan Becker

Deputy Becker has worked in the emergency services field for over 22 years.  He is currently assigned as a School Resource Officer and holds the position as the program director for C-PASS.  


Deputy Becker is certified as a School Resource Officer, Juvenile Officer, Navigation Officer, Field Training Officer, General Topics Instructor, CRASE instructor, TECC instructor, Force Science De-Escalation instructor and a CSTAG threat assessment instructor.  


Chief Paul Pecor


Vernon House

Vernon is the Platoon Commander for School Safety Agent Recruit training at the NYPD Police Academy.

He is a 40 year veteran with over 20 years of experience in the field and the rest as an instructor, curriculum writer and curriculum coordinator for the School Safety training program.


He has presented at multiple SRO and school safety-related trainings throughout NYS and is a much sought after speaker and subject matter expert for school safety, bullying and LGBTQIA+ sensitivity for law enforcers and school personnel.

Vernon House.jpg

Undersheriff John McNelis


Deputy Robert Holt

Deputy Robert Holt has over 15 years experience in Law Enforcement and safety related fields.  He is currently a School resource Deputy for Livingston County and a founding member of C-PASS.


Deputy Holt is a certified School Resource Officer, General Topics Instructor, Field Training Officer, CRASE instructor, Force Science De-Escalation instructor, and a DARE instructor.  


Sergeant Ronald Reu 

Sergeant Ron Reu has 10 years of law enforcement experience.


He is a Master Instructor and a member of the Glove Cities Emergency Response Team.  Reu is also a certified School Resource Officer.


Deputy Dennis Lobosco

Deputy Dennis Lobosco is assigned to the training unit at the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office.  


Deputy Lobosco is certified as a General topics instructor, Firearms instructor, Defensive Tactics instructor, Taser instructor De escalation instructor, and is a Swat Operator.


Sergeant William Kitts

Sergeant William Kitts has 11 years of law enforcement experience.  He is a standardized field sobriety instructor, breath analysis operator instructor, and a Drug Recognition Expert. 


Sergeant Kitts’ teaches a course on identifying signs and symptoms of drug impairment.  


Christopher Rudolph

Rudolph is a member of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office and has over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience.


Currently, he leads the Saratoga Counties School Resource Officer Program which is comprised of 10 school districts and a total of 47 schools.


Additionally, Rudolph is responsible for community outreach and education programs. He also supervises the UAS Unit, a member of the Collision Reconstruction Unit

Lieutenant Rudolph is a General Topics instructor, Stop the Bleed instructor, Narcan instructor, ALERRT CRASE and AAIR instructor, and Emergency First Response instructor.  


Pam Aini


Investigator Roger Zalucky

Investigator Zalucky is a 23 year Law Enforcement veteran.  Zalucky currently works as an Investigator with the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office.

Zalucky is a NYS Master Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, PT Instructor, Taser Instructor, and a Force Science Realistic De-escalation Instructor.


Interested in being an instructor?

Please let us know at


Interested in being an instructor?

Please let us know at


Interested in being an instructor?

Please let us know at

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