Who we are

After feedback from School Resource Officers throughout the state, The New York State Sheriffs' Association identified a need to provide contemporary, up to date training for New York State school safety personnel.  Out of this need, a committee was formed to develop training, and provide a networking hub for all school policing and safety issues. Thus, the Committee on Policing and Safeguarding Schools (C-PASS) was born. 

This committee is well equipped to tackle all aspects of school policing as it is made up of command staff, supervisors, and school resource officers currently working in NYS schools.

What we do

C-PASS understands that protecting students is an ever changing endeavor.   The committee constantly strives to identify new issues and develop training to meet those needs primarily faced by school resources officers.  Since the committee is not bound by a single agency, or under any state mandate, C-PASS can be flexible and swift in tackling new school policing issues.

C-PASS also recognizes the need to share ideas among fellow SRO's throughout the state.  Through the forum, and various social media on this site, C-PASS has allowed SRO's from all over to come together to share ideas and face similar problems together.

Meet The Executive Team

Undersheriff John Mcnelis

  • Committee Chairman


Peter Kehoe

  • Executive Director

  • New York State Sheriffs' Association

Deputy John Becker

Deputy Robert Holt

Charles Gallo

Officer Sean Armstrong

  • Director of Training 

  • Director of Networking

  • NYSSA Deputy Executive Director

  • Director of Membership