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16 or 17 

Non Criminal Violation

(Local Court)


Issue traffic UTT to the juvenile for the local court.

Non V&T


  1.  Issue an appearance ticket to the local court.

  2.  Fill out accusatory instrument.

Non V&T and Arraignment

Immediate Arraignment Needed


  1.  After hour 16/17 year old arraignments will be held segregate of adults

  2. Must contact the public defenders office and advise.

  3. If there is a gap in any time from processing to court, the juvenile must be released to their parents with instructions to return to court at the appropriate time.

  4.  Fill out an accusatory instrument.

  5. Copies must be provided to all parties.

Non Immediate Arraignment Needed for OP


  1.  Issue an appearance ticket to the local court.

  2.  Fill out an accusatory instrument.

  3. Ensure prosecution is aware of the request for an OP if needed.

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