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1st Annual School Safety Training Conference complete!

When we had our first meeting late in 2019 never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that we would be where we are now. After some trips and falls, change of leadership, COVID and more, it seems we finally have some really good momentum.

At this year's conference we were blessed with having nationally recognized speakers and amazing topics each day. The food and hospitality were amazing, and I know that important networking took place.


Surveys had 50%-80% response rate depending on the topic. This is amazing! We are going to spend the next few weeks pouring over your suggestions and critiques. All reviews will be heading out to our speakers with any name submissions redacted. Some interesting overall feedback can be seen below

OUR Members

Our membership grew leaps and bounds over the course of the conference. We have over 20 members who have requested to take part in leadership of the committee. We are developing our regions, and a procedure to select those leaders. I expect anyone who has expressed interest in helping will be able to help in some way, there is going to be plenty to do!


Presentation PowerPoints can be found on our resources page. We have some ready now, and will continue to provide more as we secure them.


NYSSA was using their professional media team securing photos and videos. I know they are compiling them. We are working on securing them and we will make them available when we have them. Be on the lookout for a follow up email with them.

The future?

  • Conference- Yes, we will be having another conference in 2023. We loved having it at in Saratoga however we were maxed out on space, and had to turn members away towards the end. Based on the success this year I fully say doubling in size next year may not be an unrealistic goal. Discussion is continuing on where it is going to be.

  • Social Media - expect there to be virtual trainings coming out in the future. Our kids live in a virtual world and we have recognized the need to be familiar with that world. We have met with a social media specialist last month and our hope is to have multiple training videos coming out soon.

  • SORD training - We are planning to send instructors to SORD instructor training. Our hope is to be able to push solo response to active attackers to our SRO's. It just makes sense since most of us are in our schools alone. Be on the lookout for more announcements with this.

  • Basic SRO school. We have been close contact with DCJS and we fully plan to put 2 or 3 Basic schools on this year. Coordinating this will be much easier once we have our regional leadership in place.

  • De-escalation for the SRO. - Our pilot class was put on Thursday of last week. Reviews went out, and we will be tightening this up as needed. Expect us to be pushing out a few classes of that this year as well.

  • School bus (active attack) training - We have been developing a training for school bus drivers using resources from across the state. We hope to have this training available soon to those members who wish to increase their school bus safety in their districts.

  • More? - Yes, there is more. Ideas were free flowing after the conference and we were presented with so many great ideas. As things develop we will keep you all in the loop!


From all of us on the executive board thank you so much for coming. Thank you to those of our members who stepped up on game day helping out where needed as well. Thank you for being engaging with our speakers and making them all feel welcome. You are all amazing.

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