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Covenant Presbyterian School Debrief - Armoured One

Covenant shooting Tennessee
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The attack at Covenant Presbyterian Elementary School breaks our hearts as a company and as mothers and fathers. For those of you who are not familiar with our company, Armoured One, LLC is more than a security glass company; we are America's K-12 School Active Shooter Company.

We are sending you this debrief from Nashville, Tennessee as we continue to work the scene and investigate what occurred. We are basing this report off eyewitness testimony. Sometimes the briefing will change based on new evidence that is brought to light over time.

Since the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, our investigators have been sent to over 60 school shootings to investigate what went wrong to cause these deaths and injuries. This is the most challenging part of our job, but also the most crucial. The three children and three staff members should not die in vain. Lessons learned in this debrief can and will save lives in the future if you put them into action. In order to prevent such tragedies from happening again, we aim to educate decision-makers in K-12 schools and law enforcement.

Our goal is to help you prevent a similar attack at your school. The expense of conducting these post-attack investigations is not borne by any government agency, business, or school; it is an expense we incur to help save lives in the future. The lives of innocent people can be saved, and these horrific attacks can be prevented if we work together. As a nation, we are once more reminded that active shooter training does not work unless it is done correctly.

Furthermore, it shows the state and federal government should help fund a nationwide minimum standard for school security. As part of our work with politicians and associations like the NGA, ICC, and NSSPA, we are attempting to create a minimum-security standard for schools that can be properly funded.

Armoured One LLC staff arrived on scene at about 9:30 PM the night of the shooting. We spoke to witnesses, law enforcement and other first responders to bring you information as soon as possible. This debrief will be updated and sent to you as we gather more information.

Download the report attached or check out our RESOURCES PAGE for the the report.

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