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NYSSA Conference, training, and more!

NYSSA Conference

C-PASS presented at this years New York State Sheriffs' Association conference in Albany last week. We announced to the Sheriffs' what we are doing and the direction we are headed.

What is going on currently?

The date is set for our first students with disabilities training. We are very excited to begin our journey and mission with this important training. More information on this training can be found here . Our first course is going to take place in Steuben CO, and it's on June 30th. Make sure to reach out to us if this date/time/location doesn't work and we can hold another class closer to you in the future.

De-escalation for the SRO is very close to being finalized. We expect a "teaser video" by the end of the week and an announcement on a date soon after. It appears as though this course will be given in Oswego County as we have already fielded interest in this course in that area. Expect the course date to be over the summer when school is not in session as well.

SRO basic school is in the works and we fully plan to pilot our first school by July 2021. We have been working with DCJS on piloting this course and are fully cooperating with their set of standards they want to uphold. After we get the final "OK" from DCJS we will be sending out an announcement and registration. Already the interest for this school has been immense and we are diligently attempting to get permission to host a second pilot course soon after the first. We are pooling instructors and educators from across the state for this important milestone.

What's in the future?

Resource Dashboard

If you haven't already, please check out our Resource Dashboard. John Becker from Saratoga County has taken on the daunting task of sorting and uploading the numerous resources he has pooled from just a few NYS Counties. We will be sending out a request for more resources soon and would love to put up any ideas and information you have to share. We fully expect this to be a widely used dashboard, as some of our members have already taken advantage of it before it has become fully operational. We want to make this a resource for all of us to use and contribute to.

One officer active attack response.

We know (being SRO/SRD's ourselves) that most active shooter response training relies on at minimum 2 person entry. We also know that in a real situation, most likely the SRO is on their own. This is why we have begun the task of creating a single officer entry for the SRO course. We are the first responder, and sometimes the only responder on scene for many minutes. We are excited to be developing this course and will hopefully be able to bring it to you all in 2022.

3 months!

We have been live for only 3 months! I personally can't believe the amount and support and interest we have had throughout the state. It seems we are traveling at lightning speed and not slowing down any time soon! Thank you all for your continued interest and investment in this committee and we look forward to brining you more training, resources, and content very soon!

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Registration is open for SRO Basic - August 5th- August 9th Click the below link to register.


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