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One final conference addition- "Right Under Your Nose"

Patty Kilgore, LMSW has been working in the field of youth substance use prevention for 35 years. As a licensed Social Worker she has provided counseling to countless youth in local schools. She has supervised master level counselors in schools for more than 3 decades. She regularly speaks to youth, parents, school personnel and other professionals regarding current drug trends, the adolescent brain, mental health challenges for youth and all aspects of substance use in youth. Patty has been bringing the Right Under Your Nose to school personnel, parents and community groups for 5 years, continuously updating materials and products.

Monday from 1600-1800 hours - included in your conference registration!

Come see how the very popular program “Right Under Your Nose” (aka Hidden in Plain Sight) works. See how many how many drug references and or paraphernalia you can identify, from clothing to specialized flasks and stash containers and everything in between. Youth have a unique way of communicating substance use to one another. This program is an eye opener for many parents, teachers, and others who work with teens. It generates great discussions and allows for early intervention and great conversations between parents and youth.

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