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The Peaceful Guardians Project

Nationally, the average lifespan of law enforcement officers in the United States is 68 years which is 10 years less than the average American.

Recognizing this harsh reality, the Peaceful Guardians Project has created a wellness program designed to help officers thrive both at home and on the job. The course offers time-honored and practical principles for healthy eating, sleeping and exercise as well as stress reduction. The simple idea behind the Peaceful Guardians Wellness Training is that mentally, physically and emotionally healthy law enforcement officers significantly contribute to healthier and safer communities.

This training has had great reviews, as 54% of School resource officers gave it a 10 out of 10, and 87% rating it an 8 or higher out of 10.'

"One of the best 'in-service' trainings I've attended in 23 years"

"This is the first training that helped me to become both a better police officer and better person"

For more information you can read the attached SRO FINAL REPORT document,

Or you can visit the project at

PGP Police_SRO Final Report (2) (4) (1)
Download • 101KB

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